1. Thou Shalt Leave the House Earlier

Hallelujah! It’s fall and that means that the kids are finally going back to school. Before you breakout the celebratory mimosas, remember that also means more congestion on the roads. More school buses and mini vans clogging up the roads. Not to mention all the kids walking to school, probably not paying attention to the road because they’re too busy playing Pokémon GO. Now, your kids probably won’t mind being late, but let’s avoid a phone call from the school.

2. Thou Shalt Mind the Weather

As a Minnesotan, you know that fall is one of those seasons where the weather drastically changes from day to day. One day, it’s nice and warm and you’re still wearing your shorts, and the next day you’re wrapped up in every scarf, glove, and hat you can find. The three major weather players in fall are: fog, frost, and rain. Fog causes drops in the visibility. Frost is not only a pain to scrape off in the morning, but some areas of road may develop ice patches. Rain makes the roadway slippery; they make the leaves slippery causing even more trouble if you’re not paying attention.

3. Thou Shalt Mind the Leaves

Ah, yes, fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing and falling to the earth below. Unfortunately, those leaves can cover lane lines on the road and parking space lines. And, if it rains, those little suckers make the road pretty slippery. Also, remember that people are going to flock to get pictures of those leaves and will stop in the blink of an eye to capture the moment.

4. Thou Shalt Leave Space Between You and Other Cars

Speaking of pictures, there are a few of us out there who would stop in their tracks to capture the perfect picture. Yes, some people will suddenly pull of the side of the road to take pictures. Either way, you should always keep space between you and the car in front of you. Remember what I mentioned about the changing weather? Keep that space and hopefully you won’t end up in someone’s trunk.

5. Thou Shalt Mind the Deer

Deer are interesting creatures, it seems they have their own set of rules. Have you ever heard the phrase “Flight or Fight”?  To a deer that phrase is “fight, flight, or freeze in the middle of road”. This can be a very bad thing for your car that’s heading down the road.  Always keep an eye out, especially as it gets dark.