It wasn’t long ago that protecting your paint job meant installing strange looking vinyl wings to your vehicle, that often left damage from the install. We live in a crazy world and now have the option of putting a sticky clear plastic sheet across the front of our vehicles that will alleviate the rock chips and scratches you would otherwise see in your travels. These clear bras are extremely subtle, and hard to spot unless you’re looking for it. There are numerous different varieties out there, but the clear bra we use at our shop is 3M, which is the best on the market.

Clear film is a great option for vehicle owners that just had their paint done, or are looking to keep a new vehicle looking like new. It’s best installed on high-risk areas of your vehicle, like the front bumper, hood or mirror backs. The films are easy to install, and can be done on site at our shop. They have a multitude of benefits, such as things like yellowing resistance, clarity and self healing technology. 3M originally designed this product to keep helicopter blades running longer, which earned it the nickname of Helicopter tape. However, this product was much heavier and less pliable than what is currently available on the market today. This product isn’t for everyone, or every vehicle. Some people don’t mind the rock chips, or have them already and aren’t interested in repainting their vehicles. Even if you have rock chips, you can get a clear bra installed on your vehicle to protect it from future chips. It does typically run a little expensive depending on where you go to have it done, and how much is being done. We work with our customers to ensure they receive the best value for their money, and can offer advice on what parts of your vehicle could use the clear shield the most.

At Oakdale Collision, we are dedicated to our customers and stand by our products. We want to provide the best experience possible, so if you have questions or would like a quote on clear guard for any portion of your vehicle, give us a call today!