Most cars these days have airbags installed for the safety of the driver and passengers in case of a collision. But if you’ve never experienced the deployment of an airbag, then you may not know some key things about them. So, to be up to speed on what happens when they do deploy, here are some facts that you should know. 

Airbags can emit a smoky smell. When there is a powerful impact on the exterior of your car, your airbag is triggered by a small explosive to deploy the airbag quickly. This will cause the smell of smoke. In the confusion and shock of the crash, you may think your car is on fire, but it may just be the airbag. Do a quick assessment of your car to see if there is indeed a fire, and if there is, then get out of the car quickly. 

Airbags can be quite painful. Since airbags deploy quickly to protect you from making contact with the harder parts of the car like the steering wheel and the dashboard, they can also cause physical damage, like bruising or broken bones. After your airbag deploys, check yourself and then others for injuries. Anyone who experienced the force of the airbag should seek medical attention.

After deployment, turn off your engine. Once your airbag goes off, the engine should automatically turn off. If it doesn’t, make sure you turn it off to protect yourself and passengers from a potential explosion caused by oil leaks. Once you’ve freed yourself, leave the car immediately. Be cautious of your surroundings, so you don’t step into potential oncoming traffic.

Of course, with any accident, call the police to report it and to get a report gathered for your insurance company. And, hopefully, everyone has emerged unscathed. 

Always have a professional collision center inspect your car after a crash. So they can repair all the damage that may have been done and replace your airbags. They will know what to inspect to get you safely back on the road. And having one that you trust with your repairs is key. Let us be your auto repair professionals at Oakdale Collision Center, and we’ll make sure you safely get on your way again.