Ben Nelson

Our paint department is a big part of our collision business. Once a car has been repaired, it often needs repainting. A big part of paint matching lies in the hands of the painter. The paint, with all of the precise measurements, color chips, lighting, and matching the color comes right down to having a good eye. We’re lucky that our Paint Technician has over 20 years of experience. 

Ben Nelson has been with Oakdale Collision for 10 years. He started as a detailer in 1993 and was painting cars by 1995. He came to work with us in 2003 as our Paint Technician. Ben still enjoys painting each car he gets in to his booth and you better believe he brings his 21 years of experience with him to every job. 

In addition to having a technician we can trust doing a great job, it’s also important to use the best materials possible. That’s why we use Spies Hecker Waterborne paint. Spies Hecker is a German based paint company that was established in 1882 (yep, that’s right!). Their waterborne line launched in 1994 and has transformed the way we paint cars. 

Car door getting painted

Waterborne paint is environmentally friendly. It produces less VOC’s and less waste which is good for all of us (especially Ben who does the painting). The paint also has a one coat application process that dries fast!

As part of our state of the art technology, we use special color chips to help make sure the color is accurate every time. We get a complete overview of the OEM colors and their variations- all 53,000 color formulas so we can match virtually all OEM and custom paint  finishes. That makes for a perfect match every time.