Winter is on it’s way, and before it’s here in full force you need to give your car an in depth inventory of potential repairs. Look over your car and make a list of things you might need before salt and grime eat away at your mode of transportation. One of the most overlooked items that should be on your list of repairs before it freezes are rock chips in your windshield. While they may be minimal at first, those chips can quickly turn into large cracks that span your windshield all because it dropped below freezing overnight. They are frustrating and not something to be ignored. Even the smallest of cracks can turn into large unrepairable ones due to the cold temperatures we face.
If the crack is less than six inches in length, it is unlikely you will need a full windshield repair. They have aftermarket kits that are available to patch and repair small kits, but it should be looked at by a professional to verify the crack has not penetrated the plastic shield that prevents the windshield from shattering. In the chance that the damage to your windshield is a shallow crack, they will smooth down the glass and fill the crack with a glue that dries clear. This option does not make the
crack any less visible, but it will keep it from spreading and causing additional damage.

Windshield repair is a simple process, and does not take long. A technician can assess the damage by evaluating the age of the windshield with the length and depth of the crack, as well as where it lies in your line of sight. A technician will almost always recommend full replacement if the crack spans your line of sight, and provided you have glass coverage with your insurance, it should be covered. Full glass replacement is a quick fix, but some sealants require it to sit for 24 hours following the repair.
Both rock chip repair and full windshield replacement are not costly items. If you need a recommendation for a place, please give us a call!