Buffing paintSo you’ve made an investment in the form of your own automobile, and you want to get as much as you can out of that purchase you’ve made. One of the things that can keep your car looking fresh and new, is to maintain your car’s paint and to keep it looking great as long as we can. There are several ways your car’s paint can become damaged and just as many ways to protect it.

Salt – While commonly applied to roads during winter months to help melt the ice, salt can also cause problems for your car. Salt can make your car can speed up the corrosion process causing your car to rust. You can help protect your car by adding a wax or sealant to protect the paint before it snows, and to wash it often throughout the winter. There are permanent rust protection treatments that you can also have applied to your car. 

Tree Sap – Tree sap can cause discoloration or staining to your paint job. Removing the sticky substance can be a chore, so try to avoid it by not parking underneath trees that secrete sap.

Bird Poop – This acidic substance can cause damage to your paint by leaving a permanent mark on the surface. Since this substance becomes hardened when the sun cooks it, it can be a challenge to remove. So it’s a good idea to clean it off as soon as you notice it. Use a wet, clean rag with mild detergent to remove. Be careful not to rub the spot intensely, in case there are seeds in it and this can scratch the surface of the paint. 

Tar – While driving on fresh asphalt, bits of loose tar can fly up and stick to your paint. Once it dries it can be tough to remove, but you can use products that can help dissolve tar without causing damage to your paint. 

Old Rags/Dirty Towels – When you are washing and drying your car make sure you use proper car cleaners that won’t strip away your paint finish, and use clean microfiber towels. If you use dirty or old towels, they can have other substances that can scratch the surface of your car.

Sun Damage – Intense sun and heat can crack or fade your car’s paint. Wash your car frequently, and add a coat of wax. This can provide a layer of protection between the car’s paint and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also, try to keep your car parked in garages, car parks, or shaded areas.

Now that you know some causes of paint damage, you can do your best to avoid them and keep your car looking great. If your car could use some love in the paint department, then give us a ring at Oakdale Collision Center to get it all spiffed up and looking like new!