For those of us that aren’t into car maintenance or repair, taking your car into the shop can be a little daunting. Like, how do you know what is needed for the repairs or what isn’t? Fortunately, when you’re dealing with repairs for an accident, your insurance is likely paying for it and you don’t need to be concerned with too many of those details. But let’s talk about what you do need to be concerned with, like the myths of utilizing your car insurance for collision repairs.

  1. You have to get three insurance quotes for your car insurance. Most car insurance companies have a system somewhat in place. When you call to file a claim, they can walk you through the process of what they require. And usually they are good with just one, but it’s good to shop around and find the collision repair shop that you trust.
  2. You have to use the autobody repair shop that the insurance company recommends. Your insurance company will provide you with different shops that you can utilize in your area to get a quote from. But you can go outside those recommendations and find your own collision repair shop that you trust and want to do your car’s repairs.
  3. Only the dealership specific to your car, can do the repairs. You can take your car to any repair shop you’d like. You will probably save time and money if you don’t go through the dealership for your car repairs, and instead take it to another repair shop. Dealerships are also known for trying to sell you more work than you need. 
  4. Your insurance should pay for everything in full, or they won’t pay the whole estimate if they think it’s too high. You shouldn’t assume either of these things about your insurance. Call your insurance company to find out exactly what is covered and what isn’t. Some policies won’t cover all the repairs. And if they think an estimate is too high, they may work it out with the collision repair center. It’s always best to know what is covered, so you’re never surprised with the outcome.

Now that we’ve shed some light on these repair myths, the next time you need to utilize any of your own repairs, give us a shout at Oakdale Collision Center to get your quality car repairs done quickly.