Did you know that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month? Whether you want to admit it, we all get distracted from time to time while behind the wheel. With the use of cell phones and texting, it has become increasingly bad over the last few years. Other things like adjusting the radio or your GPS navigation, eating, drinking, or even reading while driving have become more of an issue in recent years as well.

So how can you drive more responsibly going forward and be less distracted? Here are some things to think about:

  • Don’t answer text messages while driving! Consider putting an away message on while you are driving, so there is no temptation to check. You can also pull into a parking lot if it’s something that needs your attention!
  • Designate a passenger to answer text messages or take phone calls.
  • Don’t scroll through apps while driving even if you need to find something. Take a moment before you leave to find the apps that you need or pull over if you must look.

The consequences of distracted driving could be far worse than a ticket. It could end in an accident. If you need more tips or help being less distracted while driving, check out these resources: