Have you ever gone on an errand, wandered out of the store only to find your vehicle parked next to a sedan that blinds you with a reflective chunk of strange covering their windshield? That strange shield is a sunshade, and we’re here to make a case for why you might want to invest in such a thing. 

These shades are more than just an accessory, and actually do work wonders for your vehicle. If you’ve ever been caught in the debacle of “do I park under this tree and risk bird bombs” or “do I park in the middle of this lot and cook my interior” then you can guess the number one reason we think sunshades are great. You don’t need to park under a tree, and you don’t need third degree burns on your thighs. A sunshade can actually lower the interior temperature of your vehicle by 15 degrees, and sometimes more! 

Sunshades are beneficial for other parts of your vehicle too. UV light will age your interior just like it ages human skin. Protection from UV rays will keep your dashboard from warping, and your seats from dry rotting. A sunshade can keep your vehicle looking better, too, because it will keep your interior from fading. 

This simple foam or foil sheet will also protect the electronic accessories inside your vehicle. This is especially important in vehicles with DVD players, and tv screens, as certain electronics can only function in high temperatures up to a point. Using a summer sunshade when you’re out and about will protect the investment you made in your vehicle, and will help maintain its resale value. 

Typically when a vehicle is parked in the sun, UV rays will enter the vehicle and end up absorbed by the various materials inside the car. Since the rays are not able to escape, they continue gathering inside and raising the internal temperature of your vehicle. This is why you can scald your skin by entering the car without letting it cool off first. A sunshade will help alleviate some of that heat, by redirecting the UV rays back out of the vehicle as visible light. 

The beauty of the world we live in now, is that there are loads of sunshades on the market. They come in different shapes for different vehicles, with different patterns and fun visuals to help personalize what you are presenting to the world. You can also purchase custom designed shades to fit your exact vision of a proper sunshade! With so many options, and so many benefits, it’s a wonder these aren’t seen in every car! 

There are many reasons we think you should invest in a sunshade, but in the end the only opinion that matters is your own. We are here for any vehicle issues you may have, so give us a call if you’re ever in an accident. We are dedicated to being the best auto body shop in the Twin Cities, and will do our best for you any and every time you need us!