Even if you don’t work in the city, chances are you may drive there from time to time. Navigating one-way streets and finding a place to park can be a nightmare, especially if you are unfamiliar with where you are going. Here are a few tips to help the next time you find yourself driving to a Vikings Game or checking out the latest Brewery that just popped up in St Paul:

  1. Watch Out for People on Bicycles: You may not be used to seeing them as much in the suburbs, but a lot of people use bicycles in the city. Make sure you keep an eye out as they change lanes or you do!
  2. Brush Up On Your Parallel Parking: We know you don’t have to parallel park at Hy-Vee or most places you may be use to going. Chances are if you’re downtown, you may have to parallel park. 
  3. Find a Spot Your Car Fits In: If you’ve got a big SUV, make sure you find a spot that your vehicle fits in. You don’t want to anger your parking mates by trying to fit into a “compact” space.
  4. ALWAYS CARRY CHANGE: Want to park on the street and save a few bucks? You may not be able to if you don’t have change. While many of the new parking meters are equipped to take credit cards, not all of them do. 
  5. Map Out The One Way Streets: If you’re driving to a new area, do you know which streets are one-ways in Minneapolis? It can be important to figure out which major streets are one-ways prior to departing so you don’t end up going the wrong way!