Here we are again. It’s Autumn already. And time to think about safe driving tips during the cooler weather.

With the earth turning as it does, and we edge toward winter, the daylight hours will be decreasing. And time driving in the dark will be increasing. Driving in the dark is more dangerous in the light for the obvious reason that it’s harder to see at night. Fifty percent of accidents happen at night because of reduced visibility and increased risk of drunk drivers. Plus, for those of us in rural areas, the surprise deer or other animal in front of your car also increases at night. Always remember to turn your headlights on, utilize the high beams on country roads (and don’t forget to turn them off when other cars are approaching!), and utilize caution by watching your speed. If you’re uncomfortable with driving at night, plan appropriately with your schedule so you can get home before nightfall.

Watch out for all those falling leaves. Not necessarily while they are falling, but after they are all on the ground, and more specifically the road. These beautiful leaves can also be very treacherous. They can cover hazards or debris that are in the road, and when they are wet they can be quite slippery. Exercise caution when driving over large amounts of leaves and remove the leaves from your driveway to ensure safety when you leave and arrive home.

Which leads us to rain. As mentioned with the extra caution driving on wet leaves, we all know driving in the rain can be dangerous. Fall brings more rain and along with that, decreased visibility, trouble seeing the painted lines on the roads, and built up water that can cause hydroplaning. Remember to slow down in the rain, turn on your headlights, and allow ample distance between the car in front of you to exercise greater caution for breaking. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition, and if they aren’t, get replacements right away. 

With Autumn, it can also bring more mornings full of fog and mist. Turn on your low beam headlights for this situation, since it casts a wide and low light across the road, making your car more visible to others. Do not turn your brights on, as they will just make visibility worse since it reflects on the fog. Some vehicles have special fog lights. Be sure to locate how to activate them before you’re driving, so you’re not struggling to find them while you’re driving in the fog. And, again, slow down and exercise caution.

As safe as you try to be, accidents will always happen. Whenever you find yourself in need of automobile repairs, give us a call at  Oakdale Collision to get you back on the road in no time and back to enjoying the fall foliage.