auto technicianIn a world of expectations that you must go to college to have a good career, there is also the less advertised path of attending a much less expensive trade school. If you’re considering the career path to take, why not consider the world of auto technicians? If you are interested in the mechanics of how things work or have a love for cars, this can be a great option for you. Auto technicians are the ones who perform maintenance and repairs on automobiles. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to becoming an auto technician. 

  1. Avoid doing the same thing every day. Each day will bring on new projects and new problems to figure out with both the mechanical and electronic car systems. So you’ll never have to experience Groundhog’s Day at this job!
  2. Don’t go into debt. You can avoid the typical four-year college student loans by choosing to attend a trade school or community college. You can also seek out apprenticeships for this field as well, to get on the job training. 
  3. Job security. There will never be a lack of cars on the road, and therefore there will never be a lack of cars that need repaired or that are in need of maintenance. Say hello to consistent work. 
  4. Work with new technology. Today’s vehicles run on electronic systems that are always updating. You have the opportunity to learn all about these new systems and components, all while working with the mechanical ones as well. 
  5. Repair your own vehicle. Save yourself some money and fix your own car. Now that you have the knowledge to work on cars, you can put that to use and do your own maintenance and repairs. Added bonus of having your friends and family turn to you to fix their own vehicles as well. 

Being an auto technician can be rewarding work. You are doing work with your hands while solving problems and seeing physical progress on what you are working on. You also have the opportunity to further your career with advanced certification in a particular area like transmission, engine repair, or electrical systems.