Life is all about the little things. That’s what keeps you going, focusing on the small things to remain grateful for. The little things are also what keeps most things running. Maintenance goes a long way for ensuring the life of your possessions, and the little things are what will keep your vehicle in proper operating condition. Paying mind to regular maintenance on a vehicle includes regular cleaning, oil changes, and checking your tires for wear. 

Tires should be regularly rotated in order to create an even wear on the tread, so it’s a good idea to have your tires rotated regardless of if there are noticeable signs of wear. This also increases the life of the tread on the tires, assuming they all wear evenly. For most vehicles, it’s a solid rule of thumb to have the tires rotated every 5,000 miles, or every time you have your oil changed. If unsure, the owner’s manual will list how often the tires need to be rotated. 

Regularly having the tires on a vehicle rotated will ensure that it’s riding in its safest condition. Balanced handling, and even wear are important to ensure safe braking and cornering. It is important to rotate the tires in every vehicle, regardless of the drivetrain. In a front wheel drive vehicle, the tires in the front will wear quicker than the tires in the rear. In an all wheel drive vehicle, large differences in tread will put significantly more strain on the drivetrain than in other vehicles. The rear wheel drivetrain provides the most stable wear on the four tires, but it is still advisable to have the tires rotated to ensure best possible wear. 

Another great reason to rotate your tires, is to try and get them all to need replacement around the same time. This can save you money for buying sets of tires, and also provide smoother trips because your tires will not be mismatched. Having poor tread depth on tires can cause you to lose control of the vehicle if the road is wet, or if there is snow. It’s important for the safety of everyone on the road that regular maintenance is upheld with any vehicle. The tread depth, and rotation pattern depends on the drive of the vehicle. This information can also be found in the owner’s manual. 

Oakdale Collision is committed to serving all our customers with auto body needs. While oil changes and tire rotations are not what we specialize in, we can certainly assist you in any questions you may have, and give recommendations of other trusted local businesses for you to see. If you require any auto body work, we hope you will turn to your trusted favorites, the locally owned Oakdale Collision!