Not long ago we were able to travel the world and adventure wherever we wanted. These days COVID has changed our lives, and the world as a whole. Nothing is the way it used to be, and we seem to spend more of our time daydreaming than ever before. The best part of daydreaming is to consider the wild places you will go, so with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of strange traffic laws from around the world to be featured in your next big day dream.

  1. You don’t have to travel terribly far for these two strange state laws to affect you. In both California and Tennessee it is illegal to shoot an animal from a moving vehicle…unless that animal is a whale, which is perfectly legal.
  2. A dirty vehicle is unsightly, sure, but in Moscow it’s also against the law! If your vehicle is deemed too dirty you could receive a fine. Here’s the kicker though – it is also illegal in Russia to clean your vehicle anywhere other than your garage or a car wash!
  3. The Philippines offer a strange yet effective way of minimizing the number of people on the road, in Manilla it is illegal to drive on certain days of the week depending on the last digits of your license plate. If your license plate ends in a 1 or a 2, you could be fined if found in a congested area. This law is also seen in some areas of Paris. 
  4. In Japan, splashing a pedestrian by driving through a puddle of mud is illegal. It’s a disrespectful act that could land you with a fine!
  5. If you require eyeglasses to drive in Spain, you must carry two pairs with you inside your vehicle. A second set of eyeglasses is always required to have on hand, in the event you lose the first pair, they break, or otherwise are unavailable to you. 
  6. Who doesn’t occasionally lift their hands from the steering wheel, or drive one handed? How about driving and eating? It is undoubtedly a distraction, but illegal? In Cyprus, if you are caught even taking a sip of water, you are in violation of the law – let alone unnecessarily removing your hand from the steering wheel!
  7. Personal breathalyzers don’t sound like the worst idea in the world, right? They are an effective tool in determining if you are intoxicated, and can save lives. France has determined these to be an important part of your car tool kit and made it illegal to drive without one. 
  8. Alaska is quite the adventure! So, as you daydream  your Alaskan adventure keep an eye out for this illegal act – tying a dog to the roof of your vehicle. 
  9. Parking meters don’t exist for the only purpose of parking a car. In Florida, you may also park a goat, alligator, or an elephant at a meter provided you pay for it. These three incredibly different animals don’t count as traffic but what a bizarre law. 
  10. Livestock is of great importance but in South Africa disrespecting them is a criminal offense. If you happen to come by any individual leading bovine across the road, you must yield to them and wait to pass. 

Strange laws are an interesting part of society. All great, and not so great laws, are born out of a poorly thought out act. Society is constantly adapting and growing to include other necessary rules to ensure the safety of humans everywhere. Stay safe on the roads, and report back with the next crazy law you hear!