Winter is in full swing in Minnesota, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our vehicles. It’s best to do some of these things before the cold weather hits, but a check-in on the items is a good idea as well. So how do you keep your vehicle running in top condition during the winter? Here are some tips to help:

  1. Always top off your gas and your washer fluid. They are two fluids in your car you want to keep full during the winter. Keeping track of your gas tank is always a priority, so you don’t find yourself stuck in the middle of now where with a car that won’t run. While most of us have cell phones to call for help, if you are a ways out of town, it can take a while and who want’s to be stuck in the cold! At the same time, you should always keep your washer fluid full as well. Have you ever been on the road in the winter, driving behind someone that’s stirring up dirt, snow, and whatever else. You hit the washer fluid and it’s empty, so now you can’t see. It’s not a problem you want to have, so definitely check that fluid level.
  2. Stay on top of tire pressure. This is another important one since tire pressure can drop when the air temperature does. Driving with low tire pressure could mean extra wear and tear on your tires, which can also lead to an accident. If you check the pressure and one (or all) of your tires are low, consider stopping at a gas station to fill them up. Don’t forget to check them as the temperatures get warmer. You may need to let a little air out when that happens.
  3. Pack a survival kit. Even if you are driving around the city, a survival kit in your car can be very helpful. You can pack things like a blanket, small first aid kit, multi-tool with a knife, flashlight with extra batteries, cell phone charger, shovel and possibly some cat litter or sand in case you get stuck. There are a lot of items you can pack in the kit depending on where you live, so be sure to modify as needed.

We hope these tips help you stay on top of taking care of your car this winter and just help you have a more pleasant drive where ever you are headed!