In recent months we’ve all become a bit more aware of our personal hygiene, and have hopefully found ways to keep our spaces clear and germ free. This is a practice to incorporate in our day to day lives, and is especially more important today. It’s quick to become a regular feature in our homes, public spaces and offices, but it’s also something to consider when it comes to our mobile spaces. If you’re out and about, you’re coming into contact with anyone else that’s also out on the road. Do yourself a favor and sanitize your interior, so you’re not taking anybody else’s germs with you in your travels. 

While we end up touching both inside and the outside of our cars, inside is what counts most. The exterior of a vehicle is less important as it’s exposed to the elements, but consider wiping down the exterior door handles. Make sure all areas commonly touched by anyone that rides inside the vehicle are thoroughly wiped down. That, for example, should include all door handles, locks, window settings, seat adjustments, and cup holders. It’s also a good idea to wipe down all headrests, and windows. Be mindful of what the interior is made of, as leather can’t get too wet. If water soaks through, it can dampen the cushion underneath and create promising conditions for mold growth. Don’t allow anything to soak in the car, but do make sure there’s a thorough wipe down with the appropriate cleaning products to disinfect and stop the spread of germs. 

For best practice, sanitize each time you get inside a vehicle. This includes wiping down the keys, driver side handle, gear shift, steering wheel and rear view mirror. Keep sanitizer and wipes on hand to clean areas while out running errands. The pump at the gas station, fuel tank cap, and even the fuel door are all places touched by many, and it’s a good idea to wipe your hands down after touching them, before getting back into the car and contaminating the area. 

Regular cleaning of a vehicle goes beyond maintaining a good resale value, it’s also an important way of ensuring the health of anyone riding in the car, including yourself! It’s hard to know how long various viruses and germs can last on any material, and vehicles are made up of so many different types! If you have questions about any kinds of products to use inside a vehicle, consult your owners manual or the local government postings in what is best for meeting sanitizing recommendations. 

When your vehicle is in the shop, we promise we’re doing our best to get your vehicle back to you not only in fully restored order, but that it’s also being returned to you clean and free of any germs. We care deeply about the safety of our employees, and our customers and aim to provide you with the best service. Please let us know if you have any concerns about the cleanliness of your car.