The pandemic has changed life for everyone. We know we are not alone in this. In order to find ways to support our customers during this time, we would like to hold the spotlight on a new way of estimating. Photo Estimating complies with the CDC recommendations to social distance, and allows you to receive an estimate from anywhere! 

This process alleviates the need for you to come into contact with a staff member on site. Our comprehensive technology takes the year make and model of your vehicle to produce a diagram. It walks you through a step by step process of what photos to capture, and pertinent information we may need to see or read. 

Once the diagram generates, it will show the model of your car. You simply select the area that is damaged and supply photos. There is no need to have technical jargon or know whether you’re looking at a fender or a flare. The software shows you exactly which areas of the vehicle it would like you to capture next. The link will prompt you to take a few more photos of the area, and some photos a few paces back to help give us perspective of how the collision happened. 

One important photo that we require is the VIN number. VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. This number is specific to your vehicle, and will give us all the manufacturing specs we need to repair it. We cannot stand by any estimates that are written without your VIN. This number can often be found in the lower right hand corner of your windshield. It is also located in the door jamb of your driver door. If you have any questions on where to access your VIN, please give us a call. 

The next prompt in the photo estimating process is to include any notes or comments you may have about the accident. Sometimes having the story can help us understand the severity of the damage. It’s also always a good idea to note if you have any damage unrelated to the repair that may have been captured by the photos. This is especially important when submitting insurance claims. 

The last page of this estimating software will request your contact info. Sounds pretty easy, right? Once you have completed your portion of the photo estimate submission, a team member on site will review the photos and create a personalized estimate for your repair. We use photo editing software to look at “xrays” of the damage to provide accurate estimations of what work will be necessary to repair your vehicle. 

We would like to mention that these are estimates, and there is often damage below the surface due to high velocity impact. Any estimate has the possibility of requiring a supplement due to potentially unseen damage. When the estimate is complete, the team member will send it back to you and be available for any questions you may have. 

Here at Oakdale Collision, we are in the business of “accidents happen.” We’ve always done our best to support our customers, provide immaculate service, and ensure the safety of your vehicle. We aim to work with our customers to find innovative ways to suit the ever growing and changing industry. How about you log onto our website and give your own photo estimate a shot! We’ll be in touch afterwards to discuss your repairs, and get you on the schedule!