Have you ever been in a rush, on your way to work and your dash suddenly lights up like Christmas? In today’s vehicles, there are so many electronic pieces and sensors that we can’t always be prepared for whatever is flagging that check engine light. It’s hard to know if that light indicates a small problem, or a serious issue. Unless your car is smoking, it’s unlikely you’re in any extreme danger, but there could still be something wrong with your vehicle. The check engine light exists to keep you aware of engine irregularities and sensory malfunctions. The engine control unit in your car makes sure that the engine is running properly, but as that’s not always the case, what do you do when that frustrating light turns on?

It’s always best to bring your vehicle in to a professional. Best case scenario, the engine light is on due to a loose gas cap or something easily fixed on your own. If the engine light comes on and you haven’t noticed any extensive differences in how your car drives, you don’t need to seek immediate service. Ignoring the problem can further the issue and create a bigger backlash in the long run, so it’s best to get in to have the vehicle looked at upon your earliest convenience.

You likely don’t need to worry if your car is:
  • Behaving normally
  • Getting the same gas mileage
  • No smoking, no strange smells and no noises

There could be a more serious problem if:
  • You see smoke
  • Experience a huge decline in gas mileage
  • Strange smells or noises coming from the engine
  • There’s a major loss of power

Regardless of how the vehicle is doing, if the sensor has been triggered and you’re unsure at all of why, bringing your car in can give you peace of mind and ensure your safety.