So your car has been damaged or you need to have maintenance done on your vehicle and you’re not quite sure what shop to take it to. This can be a daunting task, since we’ve all heard the horror stories of taking your car in and getting taken advantage of. For those of us who know very little about cars or their repair process, it would be nice to have the piece of mind that you are taking your car to a trusted auto repair shop that won’t rake you over the coals.

You can always start with asking friends for referrals of auto body shops that they had a good experience with, but if you come up short on recommendations, here is a list of things to help you find a trusted auto shop. And if someone does recommend a shop, you should use the list below to check out the recommended shop as well.

Find a shop with certified auto repair specialists, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and I-Car. Using a repair shop with qualified technicians will ensure that the work is done properly and is up to industry standards. 

Make sure the repair shop provides a written estimate that provides a listing of all the costs for the repairs needed. Find out how long the estimate will be honored, and ask about potential additional costs on repairs. Some shops could add charges when they find additional repairs and not inform you about the added costs. Make sure you discuss the potential added costs, and that you must approve these added costs before they begin working on it. A trusted repair shop would provide an estimate, and if you agree to the work and the cost, then you would sign the estimate approving the work. Also, check the estimate for added fees and taxes. If they aren’t included, ask what those totals might be.

Inquire about any warranties on the service and parts that will be used in the repairs. An honest shop will provide a full warranty that is easy to understand (with clearly indicated mileage/time limitations on the guarantee) and answer any questions that you may have concerning limitations. 

If the shop is specialized, and doesn’t do all types of auto work at their location, they should refer you to the proper professionals that are equipped to handle all your car’s repair needs.

So look for a shop that provides you with certified and experienced auto repair specialists, a proper and accurate repair estimate, and quality customer service. If your car is in need of repair and you want professional repair and  great customer service, give us a call at Oakdale Collision today!