Parked carMany of us have not thought about where we park our car. Sure, in terms of getting a closer spot to decrease the amount of walking or maybe a place in the shade on those hot sunny days, but not necessarily the thoughts of potential damage. There are some things you should consider when parking your car about keeping it safe from unwanted dings and scratches, or even worse damage.

The most obvious thing that you would think of to protect your car from damage while parked, is to not park too close to other vehicles. A common cause of dings and scratches are from other car doors opening and hitting your car. Try parking at the end of the parking lot, further away from the door as other cars don’t tend to park further away and avoid parking next to cars that aren’t properly aligned with the parking spot lines. 

One thing to think about is weather. The aforementioned parking in the shade to keep the car cool is beneficial to yourself when you reenter the car, but it’s also beneficial to your exterior as well. Intense heat can do damage to your car’s paint. It can cause cracking, peeling and fading. Avoid parking under trees, because they can also cause more damage to your car’s paint from the falling debris and their bird friends who also will leave harmful presents for your car. And on the opposite side of the temperature scale, is winter weather. Particularly how it causes icicles on overhanging eaves. Avoid parking underneath these, as the falling ice can cause dings and dents if they are big enough when they happen to fall onto your car.

And always park where you’re supposed to. Follow all parking signs and curb markings to keep damage (and possible towing) to a minimum. Be careful to not block crosswalks or park past stop signs on the corner, to avoid cars turning or running into your parked vehicle. Don’t park too close to the curb as well, especially in residential areas when it’s mowing season, so your car doesn’t get pelted with yard debris.

If you do find yourself with car damage from parking accidents, and your car needs some love, give us a call at Oakdale Collision and we’ll get you all shined up like new!