The autobody world is in constant fluctuation, due to the upgrades we regularly see in new vehicles on the market. Every year we see newer, more luxurious models of the well known manufacturers. Cars are no longer centered around transportation, they’ve become a mode of entertainment, as intelligent as our smartphones. These advancements are great for the consumer, but from the standpoint of a repair facility, it creates an entire new realm of training requirements, time constraints and overhead costs.

The beauty of this industry is in the endless possibilities. In the next coming years, vehicles will become more and more advanced. Here are five new advancements that will change how we repair cars, soon:
  • Augmented Reality Display. This technology is fascinating, and has a bit of a Tron feel. Imagine sitting at the wheel, and having access to the exact distance between you and the guardrail to your right, or the vehicle in front of you. Presently, BMW is working to get this technology into their vehicles, at no one’s surprise. This very futuristic tech could be both a handy tool on the road, and as well as an unfortunate distraction.
  • Communication Between Vehicles, or vehicle to vehicle communication (V2V for short). You read that right, cars are starting to talk to one another. Cadillac implemented V2V communication i n 2017, which has been said to be similar to inter vehicle wifi. The purpose is to share the intent of the driver with other vehicles, potentially alleviating the possibility of a collision. This technology only works with other vehicles that have the same ability, but it could cut back on quite a few accidents out there.
  • Self Healing Paint. This technology is already available on the market for various other items, but the jump could be made to vehicles on the market before we know it. Self healing paint is softer than normal paints, and can absorb scratches. You would no longer have those soft scratches in your black paint, and we would see fewer paint jobs.
  • Solar Panel Powered Vehicles. Imagine how fantastic it would be to have a solar powered vehicle. This is possibly one of the most exciting advancements that may sound too good to be true. You should be comforted to know that Toyota has been researching this technology and its development since 2010.
  •  Fingerprint Touch Start. Who has actual keys anymore? There’s no specific date when manufacturers decided that keys were no longer “in” but that does seem to be the upward trend. Tesla features a credit card, most vehicles newer than 2010 have push start. Ford received the patent on fingerprint touch start technology in 2015.

With the constant changing environment we’re in, it’s a good thing we’re constantly working to stay up to date on the advancements we may see coming through our doors. There are so many new and exciting things on the market, we can’t wait to see what’s brought our way next! Come see us with any of your vehicle needs, no matter how old school or advanced your ride may be!