Things happen out on the road all the time, leaving unwanted debris strewn about the road. Truck tires blow out and scatter giant chunks of rubber tire all over the highway. An accident occured and there are remnants left behind. Some menacing-looking piece of garbage has fluttered out of a truck. All of these things could be really scary to hit, potentially causing damage to your car. But these simple rules and you can do your best to avoid all these scary things lying about on the roadway.

Be a cautious driver by staying alert and following the speed limit. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially on the highway where you are driving much faster. Don’t text or use your cell phone, since it can distract from your driving. Stick to the speed limit to give you more time to react when road debris pops up in the road. If you see something in your lane, slow down first, then check the other lane to see that it’s clear to go around. Don’t slam on your brakes, as someone behind you could potentially ram into the back of your car. Avoid jerking the wheel, potentially causing your car to skid out of control. 

Don’t tailgate the driver in front of you. Maintain the safe recommended distance between cars. This will allow you to see debris coming up in the roadway and the preceding driver’s reaction to it, which can eliminate you being the one who slams into the back of the driver slamming on their brakes.

With these rules, you can do your best to avoid hitting road debris and incurring damage to your vehicle. If you find yourself in a situation where you have the unfortunate luck of hitting road debris, and are in need of repair, contact us at Oakdale Collision today!