Car repair is not a walk in the park for anybody. Clips, moldings, and retainers break. Parts can be delivered damaged or just flat out wrong. There are many variables to every car that comes through our shop, it’s often times hard to predict what all goes into a repair before we’ve fully diagnosed each issue. We do our best to restore your vehicle to pre accident condition any time we see it. As time goes on, the newer vehicles become more and more sophisticated and have updated electrical systems.

If your vehicle is newer than 1996, it has computer systems that can make it difficult to identify underlying issues even for our master technicians. All OEM vehicles newer than 2005 involved in even a minor collision can typically require both a pre-and-post scan, as well as a passenger seat occupancy sensor scan. A vehicle is made up of all kinds of different components, from parts, electronics, and highly sophisticated computers, we do our best to be as well versed as possible in each and every vehicle we see.

Due to the level of intelligence your vehicle is now capable of, sometimes there are underlying issues that can’t be identified simply by looking at a car. You must use a tool to scan the vehicle to try and identify what electrical component is misfiring. Electrical issues that go unresolved can sometimes create serious and dangerous issues with your vehicle. Occasionally, we can run into instances where an insurance company will deny the scans on your vehicle. They’re primarily concerned with the costs associated with doing business with a body shop, not with the safety of you and your vehicle.

A pre-repair diagnostic scan will identify all potential issues that could have been created during an accident, it will identify which systems in your vehicle need to be repaired or calibrated. Any dents, broken glass, battery or electrical issues can flag during a diagnostic scan. The post-repair scan will ensure that all systems are working properly once your vehicle is fully reassembled, and verify that it is safe and ready for you to drive home.

We repair each vehicle to the quality specifications deemed necessary by the OE vendor you purchased your vehicle through. Due to liability reasons, it is often times necessary to scan a vehicle regardless of if your insurance company approves the additional costs or not. If you ever have any questions about the specifications, or if your vehicle has been scanned, feel free to reach out to us about it. We are more than happy to help.